14 December 2011

|| Move Over, Bieber ||

Oh, how silly of me. How could I forget to mention One Direction.
British-Irish teen hotties? Yes.
No need to thank me, I'm just doing my job.

Mostly their clothes sold me.

Jonas Brothers who?


Natalie said...

um, ya, if I was a teenager I would be swoonin'. They sound really good too. Seriously, who is their stylist?

Katie said...

Um, thank you for that! They are so cute!! The hair is pretty awesome too, adorable.

stephanie said...

I want to hear the whole Justin Bieber Christmas, fyi.

Leah said...

What the perfect? Thank you for this information!

Lauren Farmer said...

okay i actually hadn't seen this post until now! haha i just went back to find this post. haha but wowww. so good. i seriously love themmm. and they are so cuteeee.