16 April 2012

|| Song Of The Day//Emeli Sandé ||


I am kinda obsessed with this song and girl right now. I am not usually drawn to this genre, but I
do enjoy me some Emeli Sandé.

I am in BIG TIME love with her hair, for starters. Honestly if I could rock that hair, I would. I 
would do it tomorrow. I love a rockin yet polished hairdo, this is the kind of hair that makes one 
look sharp at all times.

I love her power voice. I love that her voice has so much power yet she uses it with a soft power
 and emotion. I love that. I would love to have a voice like hers.

I love, love the above music video{sorry if it makes you click through to Youtube to watch it}. 
She looks hot stuff in it. I love the style of filming, the beautiful locations, her clothes and the fact
that this video doesn't feel overdone. This is the kind of music video I would like to be a part of.

I love her nails in this video.

I love when solo women artists play the piano.

She has quality song lyrics.

She is talented and I want to be her friend.

Photo source.


Mel said...

Oh how crazy. I've actually heard this song a couple of times on the radio but thought it was from leona lewis ;-D

Love her hair(!!!) and everything!

Natalie said...

Great song! Did you see the Coldplay cover she did? Pretty good. She has a great voice. I like that she's classy, not hoochy. Yeah!