16 April 2012

|| Dream Come True ||

Tomorrow is THE day. The day where I finally FINALLY get to see one of my family members. 
It has been almost a year since I have seen anyone in real life. I have been counting down this
day since I found out about it in I think February. It honestly feels like I just found out, now it's tomorrow! My DAD is here on business for just a few days and tomorrow Jachen and I will make 
the little trek to cute Burgdorf to see him. Hooray. 

Jachen will leave work early and we will head to Burgdorf and then drive my dad and his 
coworker to Zurich. They have an early flight out of Switzerland Wednesday morning so they
are staying at a hotel nearby. He brought a suitcase of things I requested and I will be sending him
home with that suitcase full of stuff that we don't need around here anymore as well as treats for
the family. {get excited family!} We will hang out with him until he is ready for bed. 


I cannot tell you how happy I am about seeing my dad tomorrow. I sure love him.
I will only get to see him for a few hours, but I will make each second count. 
{luckily he comes with my mom in July to visit for 10 days...phew}



Olivia Carter said...

That is SOOOO exciting! And don't you get to see Steph soon too? I SO wish we could come visit. Switzerland is Scott's top place he'd want to visit if we had the money. Someday...

Mel said...

Im so happy for you!!!!! It's so terribly being so far away and not be able to visit and sine you haven't really been to happy in the beginning in switzy it must have been double shitty. I'm so happy you'll get to see your dad and then your mom soon. so exciting! :)

Natalie said...

I cant wait to hear how the visit went. And I am super excited to see what treats you have sent him home with for us! I am so happy you finally got to see family. I bet that will fuel you for awhile. Lucky Dad that got to see you though! We miss you, Leah is super jealous of Papa.