16 April 2012

|| Salmon Fishing In The Yemen ||

Maybe you have either seen this trailer before or have already seen the movie, but this trailer is new to me. No television over here in Switzerland makes me a little behind sometimes. I try to stay informed of what new movies are out via imdb, and sometimes I will be informed about a movie via someone's blog...either way, I HAVE to know what movies are out. I am a movieaholic. 

This movie looks fantastic. I hope it lives up to it's trailer...there are some pretty great actors in it so I 
am sure it will. Ewan looks extremely handsome in it which is actually pretty surprising to me, 
he is normally handsome, but I just didn't expect him to ever look this good. Maybe it's his hot haircut
or his sweaters? I used to not like Emily Blunt, I think her character in Devil Wears Prada threw me off, 
but I am liking her a lot more these days so I am extra excited to see her in this movie because she is becoming a favorite. Have you seen it?? If you have seen it and hate it, don't tell me about it.



SarahJo said...

I've seen Salmon Fishing in the Yemen! I have a giant soft spot for both Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor (his sweaters are lovely, right?). You should definitely watch it when you get a chance and tell me what you think!

Natalie said...

Looks good, I really want to see it. Except his name is Fred? No offense to anyone named Fred, but it's not a dreamy love interest type of name. But I'm sure it will grow on me in the movie. Let me know how it is when you see it.