18 April 2012

|| A Quick Visit With Daddio ||

Yesterday came and went. Before heading out of town we vacuumed out our car which was something that really needed to be done anyway as well as I don't think people should ride in someone else's dirty{from bread crumbs} car. Then we stopped for one last trip to the store to pick my family up some Swiss goodness to send back with my dad. My dad brought an extra suitcase because I requested some things brought to us as well as I needed somethings taken home. Actually, it turned out that half of the things I gave my dad to bring back with him were all just goodies for the family! So family, get excited.

Our 2hr drive was super fast, we talked mostly about the mentalities and differences between the Swiss and American people/culture and before we knew it Burgdorf was showing upon signs. My dad works for a Swiss company that has offices/a factory in Burgdorf and in Italy. Just about every year he travels to either place for company training on new products. He arrived Sunday morning and left this morning, Wednesday, back home to Seattle. Yesterday, we meet him at the Rondo factory and got a little tour of the place, equipment and all. The company Rondo manufactures large bakery equipment, as you can see in the pictures. We found dad, took the Rondo tour, received a bag of chocolate swirled croissants that were super delicious{something their equipment makes}, drove to his hotel to pick up his luggage and then made our way to his hotel in Zurich where he stayed the night to be nearer to the Zurich airport for the next early morning. At the hotel we opened up the luggage he brought and delightfully went through all that was brought for us and then showed dad all that he was taking home. Then we went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant he had been to before in Zurich and then back to the hotel to hangout with him and then around 11pm we said our goodbyes and headed back home.

It was so great to see him, of course. It was one of those things where as soon as you are reunited with someone it feels like no time and space was ever between you. You know that feeling? I was sad to drive off and leave him, but happy to know we will see him in a few months for even longer!


What was inside that suitcase?? Lots of goodies, that's what! Even some drawings from our darling nieces, miss Leah and miss Clara. I sure love getting art from them. Look at that writing!...from a kindergartener! Leah is such a talented and smart little 5almost6 year old. That portrait drawing of Jachen and I will for SURE be framed. I think she captured us quite perfectly. 

Ohhhh yaaa, look at that pile! and no, those diapers and applesauce is not for us. My sister Steph had the smart idea of sending some diapers for Henry ahead of time, they come at the end of June for a 2week visit. Steph thankfully collected the majority of the below for us and thanks to the others who included some things into our take home collection. 
Jachen really happy about his new shirt.
What a great Tuesday it was. What a great daddio!
See you soon pops!



Natalie said...

Yeah! Exciting. I am SO glad you got to see Dad, and jealous of course. What were the rest of those clothes? Pop tarts, really? I didnt know you liked those. Too bad he couldnt of brought some steak for you! Enjoy it all!

Liz Lopez said...

Hey Monica, I am so excited you got to see your dad, I know what you mean when you say that "it was one of those things where as soon as you are reunited with someone it feels like no time and space was ever between you" It happened to me when I got to Colombia and got to hung out with my dad. I am also jealous you got goodies, I run out of some stuff here in Colombia and wish someone would come and bring me some stuff :)

brooke field said...

those chocolate croissants... mmm...

Jennifer said...

how exciting!! So interesting that you married someone from switzerland and your dad also happens to work for a company out of there. so interesting how things work out. I would like to say yay to 1) aussie leave in conditioner spray 2)red vines and 3) peanut butter !
you have an awesome family.

kaitlin said...

what a jackpot, so many good things in that pile from home! i'm glad you got to play with your pops, and glad more fam is coming up in the next bit!!