18 April 2012

|| Jamie Bell ||

Today I had plans to be wildly productive around the house, but instead I have so far found myself stuck on youtube watching interview after interview of the one and only Jamie Bell. {the dishes will just have to wait til this evening}. I have had my eyes and ears out for Jamie Bell since I first saw him in Nicholas Nickelby when that came out. For me, he was the best part of that movie. Over the years I have been drawn not only towards his good looks, but also drawn towards the idea of feeling sorta like he is the underdog and though while he plays great roles, he needs to been in some major, even more than he is now, spot light! I so desperately want to see him the lead roll in some dreamy love story. The day that happens, I honestly will cry. Maybe there is already one of him like that? but I am pretty sure not. In the new Jane Eyre, since I didn't know the story of Jane Eyre, I was hoping Jane would fall for his character. But no...though I was very happy with her love in the story. Whenever I spot him in a movie, I get excited. It seems like he is popping up in a lot of movies these days, which is great. But please, oh please, pop up as a dreamboat love interest already!
A few weeks ago we watched the seriously great movie, Tintin where I quickly realized the voice of Tintin was Jamie Bell's. I was pretty happy for him as well as thought his voice was truly perfect for that role. I feel kinda like a proud sister when I see him doing well, isn't that weird? Yes, but it's true. I am just so happy he is doing so well. I think he is a great actor and will be an even greater actor in time. While watching some interviews of him, which HELLO! I had never done before, silly me, I realized he was even more wonderful, smart, level minded and charismatic than I could have hoped for. If you watch the below, you WILL agree. He just knows his stuff and you can tell not only is he cool, but is really one of those actors who does it for the skill, love and art of acting. Turns out he has been a dancer since he was young, which helped him land his role in his first movie Billy Elliot. {I feel like a reporter covering his life right now}. A dancer?! Those glasses?! That accent?! Can he get any better???

He is seriously great AND crazy handsome in this video clip. I love how is leg is up on the chair too.
If you are becoming obsessed with him, or already were...here are more great interviews of him
Talking about his role in The Eagle...darling in this interview.
Talking about the movie Defiance.
A really great 14min interview, my favorite one. I really like what he says about going back to school in England while being an actor "It was the best thing because it grounds you, it reminds you of who you are and where you're from and I think I lost touch with that for a second maybe and realized that actually this is essential to who you are, that's your identity."



Olivia Carter said...

You know me, I love me some Jamie Bell. Even if I'm older than him. I'd rob the cradle for him! And you are right, he needs to play a romantic lead!

kaitlin said...

i saw him on "man on a ledge" just a few days ago, he's a keeper.