29 June 2011

Two Sweet Things

Forever ago, last summer, I took these photos of my nieces Leah and Clara. It is amazing how different they are now. This was my first photo shoot with them. I wish I would have done a photo shoot with them every year, but luckily we take plenty of pictures of them throughout each year. We went into downtown Snohomish, WA, took pictures, walked around, looked into some shops and had lunch on the river at a Mexican restaurant. It was very sunny which was less than ideal for photo taking. Most photos I took were of Leah, because as you can see from the last photos, Clara just wasn't into taking pictures that day. The poor girl would CRRYYY as soon as she was placed in the shot.

Here are some photos throughout the shoot of Clara's moments. Don't forget to look at miss Leah too, she makes some funny faces herself. Leah sure handled crying Clara well...but I guess she was used to it.

This was the first picture of the day, all smiles. Look at that sweet girl.

Natalie, I need to send you all these photos. But at least you get to see some now.


Julie said...

Aww....super cute

Natalie said...

Thanks for the flashback....that was such a fun day! Miss Clara was such a pill, which is a shame cause that one of her on the orange chair would have been adorable. Leah is so beautiful in all those, I love her short hair. Ya, I need a copy of all those.

kaitlin said...

um adorable.
hah and the ones of clara being fussy will be pretty funny to look back on especially when she gets older. lovee love.
too bad i don't live closer to them.