15 March 2012

|| Collection//Stud Earrings ||

Clearly I like earrings. 
I used to wear a lot of dangly earrings, but now I mostly just wear studs.
Collection//sock collection


kelsie rae. said...

so jealous of your stud collection! i can't even leave the house without earrings on (i usually wear the same pair of studs every day)!

stephanie said...

There are definitely some there I would like to take off your hands. The peacocks, especially.

Do you really keep them in a boxed all mixed up like that? That would drive me CRAZY.

Bri Lamkin said...

oh my, i love.

kaitlin said...

wow you do have a lot. i was surprised to see how many i didn't recognize.

and whyy is the word verification back!!??