14 March 2012

|| Our Quirky Quirks ||

Many of you know what shoes I like, what art, homes, lipstick, nail polish, socks and music I like.
But, did you know these quirks about me?...
\\I am a fidgeter. I fidget. Mostly if I am sitting in front of a group or just sitting quietly. I can't sit very still
\\I have lots of itches. I have this weird thing where if I have one itch, I then have a million. Anywhere and quite often. Who knows it might be a mental thing. Maybe this is another of my "not being able to sit still" things.
\\My jaw pops. Is pops the right word? When I was in high school my jaw would get stuck a few times, but nowadays it mostly just makes a sound. Also my jaw feels tight everyday...or there is some sort of irritation I have with my jaw.
\\I can't wear long sleeves inside. If I am wearing long sleeves that day, I have to change it when I get home. Sleeves just bother me, but only indoors. Sometimes I make myself be okay with it though.
\\I also hate wearing jeans inside.
\\I HATE black pepper. It's probably one of the only things I hate to have in my mouth. I dislike a lot of things, but black pepper I hate.
\\I crack everything. Jachen called me "cracker lady" when we were dating. Since I can remember I have been a cracker. I can crack just about any joint. I don't think it's out of habit. I try and only crack when I can feel tightness in my fingers, back, neck, etc etc...and I have those feelings a lot. My most favorite thing to crack are my elbows.
\\I cannot stand my nails long. I like my fingernails short and somehow I was cursed with fast growing finger nails so I cut them every week.
\\I have to blow into my straw before I stick it in the drink. I remember the day I started that...I was at a Jamba Juice and somehow since then I have been pretty OCD about it.
\\I am obsessed with soft skin. I was blessed with a husband that has the softest skin. I am a big fan. I love holding babies hands, kids hands, and adults of all ages. I love stroking their soft hands.
\\I don't enjoy talking on the phone. I will do it, but I cringe every time I have to.
\\I get really nervous and anxious about things I haven't done before.
\\I used to get sick a lot. About every couple months I used to have some sort of cold. Not fun...but this past year I have been sickness free. So that's a huge change.
\\I really enjoy cleaning. I especially enjoy vacuuming and organizing. If I have a successful cleaning/organizing/putting things away kind of day, that day is happy.
\\I am picky. Picky eater, picky shopper, picky about what I spend money on. I am not extreme with this, but I know what I like and dislike and I pretty much stick to it. However, I am open to trying new foods...it's just whether my taste buds will like it or not that is the picky part.
\\I am really sensitive and emotional. Not only for my own life, but also I get very emotional and sensitive in books and movies. I also happy cry in real life, books and movies.
\\I have to make things straight. I am that person who will straighten a hanging picture, a book on a shelf..anything on a shelf, etc etc. I just don't enjoy things out of place.
\\I have dreams issues. I have talked about my dreams before on here and I really wish I knew why my dreams were so vivid. They wake me up several times and it's becoming out of control!
\\I love sitting criss cross, but unfortunately it doesn't like me. Every time my feet fall asleep, but I still do it anyway cus it's my favorite way to sit. It's a battle.
\\Small little sounds drive me nuts. Like hear a clock tick, or someone tapping. That kind of thing.
\\When I was in college I had a roommate, Liz, who would get the show House on Netflix and ever since then I have been slightly paranoid I would just randomly die. If you have seen the show you know how they show people just fine and then all of a sudden they drop with something wrong with them...well I am afraid that will happen to me.
\\I can't breath well through just my nose.
\\I drool when I nap. But only when I nap, not when I sleep.
\\I am claustrophobic. Even thinking about it gives me heebie jeebies. I can't sleep inside of a sleeping bag because of this. I sleep on top with a blanket.
\\Sliding a popsicle stick or towel through closed teeth gives me goosebumps. Thinking about it does too.
\\I don't like to hang body parts over the bed, I think something will get me. I mean I know nothing is there, but I freak myself out.
\\I can do the Carlton dance.
\\I am allergic to dust. Dusting makes me sneeze and being in a really dusty room makes me either sneeze or have a really itchy nose, or both.
\\I am a jumpy person. I get startled SUPER easy. Even just walking in the room I am in can startle me.
\\Walking downhill makes me very cautious and a bit nervous. When I was in first grade I had a bad fall after running down a hill and that nervousness stuck after.
\\I am semi afraid of dogs...especially when they come running up to me and especially if I don't know the dog. Honestly, I would rather kick the dog away if I could. If I know the dog, I am not afraid of it, but I avoid it. I don't like dogs touching me and I am only in the mood to touch a dog if there is a sink nearby so that I can wash my hands. And if a pet/dog sheds on me you can forget it!
\\I don't like people in costumes. Like mascots. If a mascot is even in the same section as me I get really nervous. Somehow I feel like they will single me out and make me do something embarrassing.
\\I am also very cautious when it comes to going down stairs. When I was younger at a baby sitting job I had to rush a baby down a bunch of stairs in the dark and I missed the last step and we fell. Luckily the baby was tight in my arms and I had one hand under it's head. But ever since, literally, that last step I MAKE SURE I have found.
\\Needless to say escalators make me cautious too. Jachen thinks it's funny. I have to like full on pay attention to the bottom and full on hop off to "avoid getting stuck".
\\I have become pretty horrible at spelling. So sad because I used to be so good.
\\Body stuff grosses me out. Even just thinking about how I have stuff inside my body can gross me out. Ya, being pregnant someday is going to be quite the adventure.
\\I don't like being chased. I remember the first time I was scared of it. When I was younger I was at my cousins' in Pennsylvania and my cousin Ben chased me down the hall to the stairs and like 3 steps down I just stopped and panicked. Ha.
\\I don't like the sound of tooth brushing. I usually leave the room when Jachen brushes his teeth or just try and talk over it or distract myself so I can't hear it.
\\I typically brush my teeth before I eat breakfast. This started when I had braces. I hated brushing my teeth when I had food in my braces, so I would brush before. So, it's still a habit.
\\I forget a lot of what I learned. Somehow my brain just forgets information. If I visually see something I can remember it much better. That is how I did so well on tests in college...I would write out several times my notes or study pictures...etc.

And what about Jachen you say??
\\Scared of knives. Well scared of being cut by a knife. If I am holding a knife and it might get remotely close to him he freaks out a little.
\\Likes to eat ketchup on his noodles. Like in place of spaghetti sauce.
\\Hates ticking noises as well
\\He always has something to say about everything
\\He will randomly make up a song.
\\He likes to sing to a song even if he doesn't actually know the lyrics. He just really wants to sing along so he will try and figure out the lyrics while they are being sung. He does this in all seriousness.
\\Talks about the movie, throughout the whole movie I am watching with him. Sometimes I just laugh because it really gets excessive. He has to comment on EVERYTHING.
\\Obsessed with cleaning his windshield. I have never been in a car with someone who has to clean their windshield as often as Jachen does.
\\He needs at least 8 hours of sleep to survive the next day.
\\He uses the w sound instead of the v sound for words. Like he says wampire, west(for vest) etc. This is due to his German accent. I like it and I hope he never changes this.
\\He jerks when falling asleep. I know exactly when he is falling asleep because every time he has this very specific way of jerking his body while falling asleep.
\\Is notorious for starting a hobby and not finishing it. He is interested in a lot of things and so his mind quickly moves to something else.
\\Can't say the 'th' sound very well. Also due to his German accent. He will say fink for think etc. He can do it if he consciously thinks about it.
\\He does not like losing at games. We will play just a simple board game and he gets grumpy sue if he knows he is losing. But it's funny because this does not fit his character at all...this is the only thing he is not very carefree about.
\\He doesn't love and barely likes water. I make him drink it though. I tell him he has to drink at least one water bottle a day.
\\He is a shower every morning kind of person. His hair gets super greasy while he sleeps.
\\He refuses to wear any kind of sandal. Flip flops included. If only he knew how great wearing flip flops in the summer is.
\\He knows all sorts of info and pretty much remembers everything he reads.
\\He likes to wear the same outfit over and over. If it wasn't for me he would wear the same two outfits his whole life. I try to instill some variety into his week and he has been much better about this since we got married.
\\Confuses words. He always confuses the words sensitive and sensible. He probably gets it right 1 out of every 10 times. He says its because there is a German word that similar to one that means what the other word means. But can't remember which.
\\He strongly dislikes outie belly buttons.

Well there you have it, some of our silly quirks.
Thanks to Jachen for helping me come up with our lists.
You have any of our same quirks?


Jennifer said...

i love this and i am slightly weirded out that honestly a lot of your things sound like me. really. things i guess i didnt even realize i do. id love to make one of these lists on my blog. however, i am one of those people that likes to start things and wants to and might but often doesnt finish. cant stay on task or sit still. i wouldnt even know what to list about myself maybe kevin notices some things.

Natalie said...

Favorite of Jachen's is Ketchup on noodles, oh and the singing when he doesnt know the words! Fav of monica's is the body parts over the bed, that cracked me up. Also, didnt know about the long sleeves indoors. And the funniest is when you get startled for no reason (and yes I have seen you do that by just walking into a room), that is really a weird one Monica! And I really want to see the Carlton dance, I forget what that looks like. Man, you're weird, said with lots of love. do I have that many quirks? Hmmm, something to think about.

kaitlin said...

i loved this post. it's so funny knowing everyone's weird things. i esp loved the "cracker lady" nickname.

stephanie said...

It was fun to know about Jachen's quirks. I forget that you're getting to know your husband just like I got to know mine. It's fun, huh.

Also, you have serious problems.