13 March 2012

|| Collection//Socks ||

I have my fair share of socks. I hardly wear socks though, but when I do I love wearing cooky fun printed socks. I love getting socks as gifts and I love giving socks. I cannot get enough! I have a pair of Homer Simpson socks too, but I couldn't find them. I even had to leave a handful of socks back home in storage. I mostly wear this the little low cut style...when I wear socks...from Target, Forever 21 and H&M. By looking at my socks you may think I am a child or teen, I am not. I am a full on grown up that just likes fun socks. 


Kyla said...

This gif make me smile :) I actually own quite a few pairs of the same socks as you! Probably all the ones from Target haha.

kaitlin said...

we're the same.
well except that i mismatch mine.

Olivia Carter said...


joslin said...

these are all so cute. i have the second ones in on the bottom left. maybe from you? i forget. cuteee.