16 March 2012

|| Albums For Summer 2012//Part One ||

I have summer on my brain. I anticipate a great summer and if I don't give my ankle a hairline fracture then it will already be a better summer than last summer. These albums have been released this year and I want them to be the soundtrack to my upcoming summer. Some great summer events await...my sister Stephanie her husband and baby Henry, who I haven't met in real life yet, are coming, my parents are coming, going to Italy, France and many of my favorite Swiss locations. I am also looking forward to some heat. I look forward to taking my lunch, book, these songs to the lake by our home and spending an afternoon there. Yup, summer is on my brain.

Listen to some of the above songs HERE on my 8tracks playlist.

1 comment:

Teaka said...

Hey thanks for sharing your link! Oooo I'm going to check these bands out. I don't think I've heard of a single on yet! Haha!