16 March 2012

|| Eragon ||

Today I finished reading Eragon, the first book of this series. HOLY COW was it amazzzzing. I cannot believe I hadn't read it until now. I can't believe this book has been there all these years and I never had the desire to read it. I thought it was pretty epic...like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings epic. There is so much to the story, such great characters, amazing writing style and such suspense. I thought it would just be some hooky dragon era book, but I was so wrong. There are interesting and powerful characters, magic, dragons, fighting, near death escapes, bravery etc etc. This is just a really good book.

My favorite part is the writing style. So detailed, powerful words and phrasing and just so fluid. You can picture how everything happens. Some days, while I would be like doing the dishes or something else around the house I would think about "watching" more Eragon, but I would have to remind myself it was a book I was reading and not a movie I was watching.

A passage from the book
"The handle fit Eragon's hand as if it had been made for him. He slowly drew the sword; it slid soundlessly from the sheath. The flat blade was iridescent red and shimmered in the firelight. The keen edges curved gracefully to a sharp point. A duplicate of the black symbol was inscribed on the metal. The balance of the sword was perfect; it felt like an extension of his arm, unlike the rude farm tools he was used to. An air power lay over it, as if an unstoppable force resided in its core. It had been created for the violent convulsions of battle, to end men's lives, yet it held a terrible beauty." 

I am sold on this book and I highly recommend it.
I cannot wait to read the next book. 


Katie said...

Hm, I think you might have sold me! I'm alllmost finished with Gone with the Wind (also epic, if you're curious). Thanks for sharing that!

Dadi said...

Eragon is soo amazing ... i love it and the next book is truly amazing too <33