25 August 2011

|| London | Part 11 | Books & The Ankle Mishap ||

One of our goals while in London was to buy our fair share of books. 1. because they would for sure be written in English and 2. because they would have a larger amount of English books so to find the ones we wanted 3. they would be less expensive. So we made our way to a few different bookstores{we both wish we could have just hung out in bookstores for more of our trip} and found books to take home with us. I had a list of books I wanted to read and one of them was the last Harry Potter book which I admitted here that I never got around to reading. I was able to convince Jachen to read the Hunger Games books{the third book I already had here with me} and shortly after purchasing he began to read Hunger Games. I also mentioned here that we planned on watching the last Harry Potter movie there in London. That was a genius plan. The movie was brilliant and it made me SOOO excited to read the book. I was shocked by the ending, I had no idea what to expect and loved feeling so shocked after it all. The Sunday of our trip we headed out to see the Tower of London. We reserved our Sunday to see some museum type places. So we headed out in the early afternoon and after we got off the train to head up to see the Tower of London we decided to first go peak at it from the lookout spot right next to the train station. We walked up and saw the Tower, then Jachen and I saw this little step up that we needed to take. However, neither of us saw that right in front of the step up the ground had a major slant. We were too busy staring ahead to notice. Jachen slipped a split second before myself. He caught himself, but I twisted my ankle and fell to the floor banging my camera lens on the step on the way down. It hurt. But I knew it wasn't a break. I sat there in pain and shock. I could hardly move my foot. I was starting to feel sick and so Jachen had to get me up to try and get me to shade. I managed to hop with his help to some shade. After getting myself to feel no longer sick, Jachen and I slowly and painfully made our way back down to the train and then back to our hotel. I just had one glimpse of the Tower of London, not even a picture was taken yet. It was sad, but I was more worried about my current state. We spent the rest of the day indoors which allowed Jachen to read the majority of Hunger Games and I was able to start Harry Potter. Monday also was spent in the hotel. I could hardly or not even at all put any pressure on my left foot. On the bright side my lovely husband helped me feel as happy and comfortable as he could and we were able to read our new books. Jachen finished Hunger Games, and loved it, and started onto the next book. I was most worried about Tuesday's trip to the Airport. I was praying so hard. Somehow Tuesday I managed to be able to limp down to the lobby and get into our taxi that would take us to the airport. We had decided to take a taxi to relieve me from walking down and around train stations. I am sooo thankful we made that decision, though expensive. When we got to the airport it was again so hard for me to walk and it hurt. We managed to arrange a free, thankfully, wheelchair for me to get to my gate and I had the same star treatment at the Swiss airport. As embarrassing and undesirable as it was, I am so thankful I was able to be carted around and had no pain. Also, luckily before we left on our trip we had arranged Jachen's dad to pick us up from the airport instead of taking the train home. Thankfully. Our first week back I still had very little capability of walking so I stayed in bed except to use the bathroom. Jachen was still on his vacation from work so he was able to be there to help me. Slowly my foot got a bit better each day. Slowly I was able to walk/limp on my heel. And then after that I began to walk better but still had issues with it. Finally after 3 weeks, this last Monday, I made myself go to the doctor because it just wasn't back to normal. He took X-Rays and informed me of my little crack in my ankle and provided me with some tips...oh and a wrap, strappy thing. I really don't know what to call it. Picture is below. So I have to wear the wrap strappy thing for 6 weeks. Awesome. However next week I will have a check up and maybe, just maybe the 6 weeks will dwindle to less. That is my ankle story. It's still a bit frustrating to not be able to just WALK normal. I hardly get out of the house and when I walk more than 15 min my ankle hurts and swells. Awesome. On the upside I am ALMOST DONE WITH THE DEATHLY HALLOWS. I have 3 more chapters. I LOVE the book. I didn't think the middle was boring at all, have thought Harry was a bit annoying at times, but love reliving the story. I am so happy I read the book after seeing the movie. However different the book was from the movie, it has been interesting to read more of the story. My next book is Anna and the French Kiss{which a week ago I read like 100 pages of because I just couldn't wait, it's so good}. The last bookstore we went to the girl ringing me up suggested I read Delirium and since it was on sale I took her up on that. She too loved Anna and the French Kiss and Hunger Games so I could trust her suggestion. I am excited to read the final pages of Harry Potter and hop on to my next books. I am also excited for the day I am finally healed and can walk, and run!

My stack on the left{your left} and Jachen's stack on the right.

Well there she is. My lovely swollen ankle. This is right after it happened when we got back to the hotel.
We had a drugstore near our hotel so Jachen found me a sock wrap and some pain reliever medicine. For the those few days stuck in the hotel, my foot was in this position pretty much the whole time.

I liked wearing the sock, but sometimes after wearing it my foot would swell. Like the below, so I stopped wearing it.
That fashionable blue wrap strappy thing is my new accessory. I like that it makes me feel supported, but it hurts my heel to walk in. I am hoping my heel will get used to it soon. I am grateful it is a removable thing, it could for sure be worse. I am not supposed to turn my ankle from side to side or it will continue to crack, so this thing helps keep my foot straight.


Natalie said...

I am really glad you FINALLY went and got Xrays! I hope it heals fast. That strappy thing is not attractive. I wish i could just lay in bed and read books, man.

kaitlin said...

so less than ideal. but lucky that you are forced in bed for a bit to just read read read!! i haven't finished HP and it's stressing me OUT ahh i need to do it!!