09 February 2012

|| White Has Never Looked So Good//Part Five ||

I just can't get over homes with stunning white walls and ceilings. I don't think it's for every home or living space, but wow when it's done in the right house it is so stunning. This home is doing it right. I love the white framed mirror, shelving, the armoire and the white crib. Fabulous. And don't get me started on the amazing art that adds those amazing pops of color. The art piece over the crib is my favorite. I also love the idea of painting the wood floor white in some rooms. There will be no end to posting white walled homes, hopefully you don't get sick of it.
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Kyla said...

This style of house is my absolute favorite...white is so refreshing, and I love when art just pops off the walls!

Natalie said...

Yes, LOVE the art too. Love the stripes best. Who are the people that live in these white houses? I want to know them. Or atleast I want to go to their house.