08 February 2012

|| Today ||

I drew some Valentine's
We received a new heater. Which was a lot smaller than we thought we would be receiving, but so far heats up nicely.
Received a nice card and mixed cd in the mail, thanks Chantel! I always appreciate some happy mail and not some nasty bill. That is all we get these days.
We picked up some DELICIOUS brownie pecan ice cream bars at the grocery store this evening. My new favorite.
I skyped almost my whole family. They all just kept getting on Skype and wanting to chat, I love that. First the Tachers, then my dad{sorry dad I forgot to take a picture of you}, then with Steph and Henry{yummy looking red velvet brownies, huh?} and then the Quigley's hopped on for a bit. That Xander babe is funny. I got to see him walk, last time I saw him he was a wee little thing.
Not pictured|| Read me some Eragon, watched the new Parenthood episode...LOVE THAT SHOW, washed some dishes...the stack is getting smaller, watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off...which really isn't that great of a movie, got a few blog posts in, read some blog posts, made Fajitas for dinner, and watched Star Trek Voyage with the Jachenator.


stephanie said...

Cute Xander picture!

Natalie said...

Funny skype day! We were all just thinking about you at the same time! Love to see your day.