11 January 2012

|| White Has Never Looked So Good//Part One ||

I LOVE these homes for their simplicity, modernism, industrialism and starkness. If I ever walked into a home like any of these my jaw would drop. Some homes like unto these have the tendency to feel not homey, but I think these photographs show that you can have simplicity, modern, white and an industrial home and still make it feel homey. I would love to be a little more minimalistic, but it's just not in my nature either is all the white, but I love it and appreciate when it is done well. I know my home is going to have so much color and that I will have a hard time leaving any wall bare because that is what I know. I grew up in a house of color and loved it. Currently, I have so much art either art I have created or art I have purchased from others and I tried to be really sparing when decorating our new apt. I could have put everything up, because I love all of it, but I decided to leave some white of the walls show. I am pleased with my new ability to be able to hold back when I just want it all up and around. While decorating, I have also been careful not to make our home feel like a college apt. In college I decorated the place with my things{not much of what I have now, but to a similar effect}which I loved, but now I have to be careful how and what I put out because I want our place to feel like a new chapter, a grown up married chapter and separate my current/future living space from my college/single one. Does that make sense? It probably doesn't. I feel very strongly that I am to hold my college years very close because I learned so much and grew up there, but at the same time I don't want to be stuck in those years and not move forward. I have seen people graduate from college and still living like they are in college and it makes me sad for them. Does that make sense? The styling of these modern homes have inspired me to be an even better decorator...a forward thinking one. In all aspects of life we should be improving ourselves even in design. 

Lovely homes from here and here.


stephanie said...

Nice, you're right, these are "homey" despite the starkness.

And I think you're smart to alter your decorating in order to make a fresh start- what a simple way to help make some big changes!

kaitlin said...

before i started reading i literally thought this was your new place and was astonished. ASTONISHED. and i was like sheesh of course she moved in to this place, what was all the fuss about!!