06 February 2012

|| Prison Break ||

IN LOVE with this show
I started this series back in college, but only made it through the second season because the semester ended or I graduated, can't remember which. I have been wanting to finish the series since. A few weeks ago I started from episode one and just finished this four season series. WOWZA. So, so amazing. Even though I had seen, a few years ago, the first two seasons they were just as suspenseful and stressful as before. This show is not for the weak stomach there is a lot of killing, arguing, and evil characters fill each episode. The show is heavy and meaty, while being very smart and well done. The premise of the show is Michael Scoffield is this genius who gets himself into prison so that he can break out his brother who has been wrongfully accused of killing and who is about to be put to death for it. Though he is a genius his plans to escape keep failing and changing because of the people that come into his life at the prison, which he didn't account for. The whole series is filled with things that go wrong, twists and turns. There are many noble and good characters who are fighting and surviving so they can do the right thing. Every minuet of the show is fast and clever and you NEVER know who is going to die and what is going to happen. The episodes and seasons get meatier and meatier and the evolution of story and characters are brilliant. Characters that you hate in the beginning evolve into ones you care about and end up having compassion for.

At first Jachen didn't want to get into the series so he let me watch it during the day while he was at work. But he saw bits of the first season and became interested right away in the characters and story. During the next seasons I would fill him in on what was happening even though a lot of it is really hard to explain because really, so much happens! Jachen ended up getting hooked in and watched the final season with me. I knew he would love it. 

This show really is just brilliant from the beginning to the very end.
The show has this hidden message of everything happens for a reason.
And not so hidden is the message of good prevails and that their can be a struggle to do what's right, but that the fight is worth it.
Watch it!

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