03 January 2012

|| Goodtime Flicks ||

Have you seen these yet? I am sure you have especially those that have been out for a tad while. I know what you're thinking, what is Mr. Bean's Holiday doing there? Random right?...but Jachen just introduced me to the movie and I loved it. These are some of our recent viewings.

Pirates. I saw this one just to see it because I thought it would at least be entertaining. Well it was actually a lot better than I thought it would be. I loved the creepy mermaids and Jack was delightful as usual. It was sure entertaining. 

Rango. I didn't know what to expect with this. I kinda had no desire to see it, but we watched it one night and it was pretty good actually. I loved Rango's character, it was great. The movie was funny, a bit dark and scary. Another one of those animated movies that really isn't for young kids.

Captain America. I loved this one. I loved the style of the movie, it was very entertaining and made well. For sure worth watching. Jachen had the Captain America song in his head for days.

Cowboys and Aliens. This was one of Jachen's picks, but I kinda liked it. Weird of course with the aliens, but throughly entertaining. It was great seeing Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig in those characters. 

Thor. Thor was awesome. Didn't love the scenes on Earth...kinda weak, but loved the idea of the majorly powerful, literally, characters. Saaweet. Also, where has that Thor actor been hiding??

Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Wow. Really good. See it. A few days later we watched the 2001 Planet of the Apes with Mark Wahlberg and AWFUL. I couldn't handle it. Don't watch that one, but watch this one. Even though the second part has already been done, I hope they make one in the quality of this recent one.

Mr. Bean's Holiday. Ha, oh Mr. Bean you are funny. If you are going to see a Mr. Bean movie, I suggest this one. I typically was not a fan of Mr. Bean because I couldn't handle some of the gross things he did, but this movie only had one and it was low key. {when he eats ALL of the seafood, if you have seen it you know what I mean} After watching this, my love for Mr. Bean has sparked and I am now a big fan. 

X-Men First Class. OH my, I love this movie. One of those movies you can watch multiple times after just seeing it. I hope they make at least one more with those actors. Please! If you haven't seen it yet you are silly.

We rather love movies over here, thank GOODNESS for marrying someone who loves movies. Phew. I highly suggest it if you are a movie lover.


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