29 December 2011

|| More Oldies and Goodies ||

After I posted about movies I loved watching while growing up, here, I realized I forgot a few...understatement...and I couldn't leave them out. How silly of me to have forgotten Sense and Sensibility which is an all time favorite...also you gotta love those Mary Kate and Ashley movies...those were my favorites. I am happy I have both lists now and I hope to someday own all of them. I love a good 80's and especially 90's movie. My last post mentioned a few movies that I was in the mood to watch...Matilda, Swiss Family Robinson, Jumanji, The Saint and Kindergarten Cop, White Christmas and Little Women...well, check, I have watched all of them. Craving for them quenched. If you haven't seen some of these, well catch up already!

If you need a movie to watch check out any of these on either lists for a good time. Older movies are always a good choice...quality and clean. I need to figure out how to get my hands on all of these.  


kaitlin said...

mary kate and ashley movies (duh)
prince of egypt
princess bride

so good.


Dee said...

Cool, some of those are my favorites, too. I hope you're enjoying your holiday. Have a great day.

Natalie said...

Oh man, The Boy who Could Fly?? Why did we watch that movie so much growing up? I dont get it. I dont think I will ever watch that one again, although I make references to it pretty consistently in life...weird. Great reminders of great movies....fav of all those is Tremors!