12 December 2011

|| Christmas Melodies ||

I am one who can't/tries not to listen to Christmas music till after Thanksgiving and it ends for me on Christmas day. I like to reserve them for this cozy time of year. Above are some of my favorite Christmas albums. If you are in need of a new holiday soundtrack check out these. Each I have had for at least a few years{actually the A Fine Frenzy album was from last year} and they still remain favorites. My two favorite Christmas songs are Still, Still, Still, Away in a Manger and In the Bleak Midwinter, so beautiful. This year I learned a pretty German song that I really love called O du fröhliche, here is a similar version to the one we sang in Church. Ha, funny video though. What are your favorite songs that fill your Christmas season? What are some of your favorite Christmas albums?

I have made a little holiday mix for you of some of my favorites...download HERE. Enjoy!

Also, if you like a little less traditional songs you should try the below. I like a mix of traditional and nontraditional in my Christmas playlist.



Veronica said...

Thanks for this! I'm not sure I can get myself together enough to make my own this year.

Natalie said...

Great mix! Although my computer is blocking the songs from you tube...the fine frenzy ones. i will just check them out on you tube myself.

kaitlin said...

oh goody i wondered if you were going to do this!
i've probably listened to hey santa ummm 25 times so far since i've been home. and we've been home like 3 days.

worth it!!!