12 December 2011

|| Christmas In Switzerland ||

After decorating for Christmas I realized my Christmas style is woodland...surprise, surprise. I love a woodland themed anything, but I am not sure that is what I intended. I love a very traditional Christmas like the one I grew up in filled with Santas, Nativities, stockings, red and green and winter scenes. Someday I would like to have an element of traditional. I don't even own ONE Santa...absurd. Growing up my mother would remove any decoration in the living room that was non Christmas and filled our home with all things Christmas. I want to get to that point some day, but for now I need to have our regular decor to have some substance since I don't have many decorations yet and the ones I have are small so they don't take up much space. Luckily, I have many years to get my home to how I want it for Christmas. You can see the below video for the rest of our Christmas. I am getting a bit addicted to constructing videos which is great because it is something I wish I knew how to do well. Another part of Christmas celebration here in Switzerland was on December 6th, it is the day Santa comes here and is called Chlausabend. He brings bags of nuts, oranges and chocolates so we made them for each other and included a few other Christmas treats. Also, there is a specific bread called Grittibenz that is the shape of a little man given for this day too and we received two from Jachen's work. So delicious. Currently, we don't have stockings so while in Switzerland this is our version of stockings and when we live in the States we will do both these bags on Dec 6th and stockings Christmas eve. It is has been great to incorporate some of Jachen's traditions such as Chlausabend and the Advent wreath with the traditions I grew up loving. I think our children will love the extra celebrations as well. 

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kaitlin said...

fun video...was that with your itouch?