16 November 2011

|| Not My Day ||

I am feeling like this right now.
This morning I was so looking forward to our appointment to see the flat for this evening that we had scheduled to see over a week ago. I was excited because I was hopeful for it being The One and I was also okay with it being something we didn't like and turning it down. I was ready to move on with a decision whether it was yay or nay. This afternoon Jachen got a call from the girl who booked our appointment and said the place was just taken. WHAT? So supposedly some other person sold the place this weekend without our lady even knowing about it until now. We didn't even get to go look at the place. How could they just sell it without others knowing or without the appointments made getting a chance? I am just so furious we didn't get a chance. There was no 'nay' because it wasn't even our own decision. The place that was supposedly unlisted, better than the last place we saw and the place that I daydreamed about is already out of our hands before we could go look. I am so bummed. So we are back at square 1...actually we are at 0. We still have time, but it has continued to be one let down after another and I am officially sour towards our search. Jachen is unbelievably positive,
as always, and I am Sulky Susan right now. I need to find a way to start again.


stephanie said...

Dang it! So sorry!

Natalie said...

Blogger just erased my original comment....I hate when that create a blog screen pops up....annoying, and I pushed the wrong button and so it erased my comment. Anyway, I am super bummed about the apartment. But you will find something better and things will work out. Like the song goes..."after the trial, you will be blessed"

kaitlin said...

bah that's a pain. maybe you'll fine a way better place and it will be good you missed this! or maybe you'll find a place that isn't as good but you and jachey will have a fun adventure the whole time :)