16 November 2011

|| Christmas Sneak Peak ||

Although on my blog I am postponing the Christmas/Holiday talk until after Thanksgiving, it doesn't mean I am not thinking about it or prepping for Christmas outside of the blogosphere. We have begun our Christmas shopping, Christmas decorations finding and discussion of what we will do on the big day seeing as how this is our first Christmas married. Also, I have begun making some Christmas decorations. About a month ago Jachen's grandmother was getting rid of bags and bags of ribbon and I got the first pick of what I wanted. I didn't know what I would do with them at the time, but there was some fantastic gold and white ribbon going on and I knew it belonged to me. I made a few things with the ribbon last night and started some other projects. I will not post the crafts until after Thanksgiving. The real Christmas discussions will have to wait till then. I have some great Christmas talk coming...can you believe by the end of the next week it all begins? My family has the tradition of whipping out Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. I will carry on that tradition. I don't even like Jachen to hum a Christmas tune. I am hardcore.
I am ecstatic about decorating the house next week. Ecstatic.

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Natalie said...

"whipping out Christmas" huh? That sounds so easy....I wish I could just whip it out....why does it have to take days to decorate? But I love it, hard work and all!! Cant wait to see your stuff. Cant wait till you get my package in the mail.