11 November 2011

|| The Move ||

The other evening while Skyping my sister Stephanie, I did a horrible job explaining where we live now in relation to where we want to move so I thought this would help for her and all those wondering. We are hoping to move to Arbon and that the apartment we are going to go see this coming Wednesday is The One. This is the only appointment we have that I am actually hopeful about and anxious for it to be The One. I will tell you more about it after we visit it next week. Cross your fingers.

We look forward to living closer to Germany, Austria and Jachen's work,{as you can see} living near the lake and living in more of a city. We are so excited for a fresh new start. We can't move until Feb 1st and it is far to far away even though the timing really is perfect because it will give me plenty time to pack up and clean this place. I have plans to start packing in December and finish packing in January and clean in January. Wanna come help?

I have moved out of apartments in college, but this is different. I don't really know how to organize a big move. Any advice would be great. We are trying to figure out how to get boxes. You can't really just "go and get boxes" here. There are some moving boxes you can BUY at Ikea, but they are 5francs{=5 dollars} each. Pricey. We are trying to figure out how to get some sort of moving van/truck/anything big which also isn't easy to get here. There is lot's to figure out, but first we should probably finalize an actual apartment. Cross your fingers.

I need a fresh start in a new place. I am so excited.

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