02 October 2011

|| Oh, Elmo ||

Jachen and I were watching the movie trailers I posted a few days ago and I he said while watching the documentry trailer about Elmo "Oh, so that is what Elmo sounds like." Jachen has never heard Elmo in English! He has only heard the German Elmo. Just now he played for me the below video of the Elmo he knows...so SAD! It is just a ladies voice...no sweet fun little kids voice that is THE Elmo. And her voice is kinda scary even. Isn't that a weird thing to think about, that someone grows up missing the original voices and characters. He then played for me a second youtube video of muppet characters and it really is just the German person talking...no silly voices. I do not approve of that. 


kaitlin said...

hilarious. but i do love listening to german. always.


Jennifer said...

hahaha! Elmo in german! just the thought is so silly to me for some reason.
are all the voices serious/rough sounding or something? i would imagine even in german they would make them sound silly for kids

Veronica said...

Okay, I just watched this video last night and it blew my mind when I saw who was Elmo, and then I watched the trailer you posted and now I'm obsessed with Muppets. These German voices are really funny.