01 October 2011

|| Happy OCTOBER!! ||

Today, our drive to Germany was gorgeous. There was a lot of fog, sun and while driving through fields, pumpkin farms, apple farms, plenty of cows, corn fields it felt even more like a perfect Fall day. I wanted to stop and take picture after picture along the way, but no camera and no stopping...we were on a mission to get groceries. I was so excited to find out on the drive that it was October 1st!! Jachen and I high fived and I have remained excited for the month all day! One thing is certain I looovveee a sunny, tad chilly, and a bit foggy Fall day. There is something about a day like that that makes me very happy...happier than a beautiful sunny summer day. What are you looking forward to this month?

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kaitlin said...

it is pretty exciting that it is fall huh!! i couldn't BELIEVE how hot it was outside today though. it has been the best summer weather here. so i'm ready for the fall. but oh man oh man i'm just NOT excited for the part after that, the winter. one step at a time!