28 October 2011

|| October 28 2010 ||

Happy a year ago I got engaged!
A year ago Jachen proposed and I received this beautiful ring on my finger. Ever since I was old enough to think about what kind of ring I wanted, I knew it wouldn't be small or dainty. I loved wide rings{I always loved how wide Laurie Farmer's ring is}. When I began searching for real, I decided that instead of wide I wanted to be able to have a small stack of rings. I randomly came across this ring and it was perfect. Unique, which is what I was looking for. Then I decided after trying on a rose gold ring at a local jewelry store that I didn't like it as much as I thought I would and that liked yellow gold better. Then I came across the ring that I have and fell in love with the horizontal oval. I bought a fake ring years ago that was a horizontal oval with a fake green stone in it and when I wore that ring I thought it would make such a pretty wedding ring. So then when I found my ring, I knew it was meant to be. The great thing about working with an artist via Etsy is that you can request a custom change{well then it's up to them if they do them}. I wanted my band thicker{however it does cost more money because they use more gold} because I was afraid of a super skinny band. Then later I found my heart wedding band and of course received that ring on my finger during our wedding ceremony. It is great having a band because when my Aquamarine ring is being cleaned, or I am showering or just don't feel like wearing it..I can still wear my heart band and remember I am married. :)

I wanted to share some rings that I love and maybe spread the news that you don't have to go with a diamond and that you can go nontraditional. The letter J was actually one of my top ring choices when I was searching for my ring which is a super different ring. It is great having a fun, "monica" ring that is stackable{oh ps I also told the ring artist that I would be wearing my ring with a band so that is why she made my stone raised so bands can fit with it}. I am hopingggg for our first year anniversary I get a new addition to my finger. Here is a website{however right now the website is under construction} with some great bands if you are a "just a band" girl or also like the stacking idea. I loved getting my ring via Etsy. It felt personal that I was able to talk directly to the artist about what I wanted. Actually...she had discontinued the horizontal oval, but I knew about it because I found it months before she discontinued it...so when I first began talking to her I showed her the picture I had saved of that/my ring and asked if she was willing to make that one again and she was willing to make me what I wanted. Now, she sells it again. When first deciding if it was okay/safe to order a wedding ring through Etsy I had some doubts...but luckily if you are familiar with Etsy you will know sellers depend a lot on their ratings that we give them so it would be unwise for them to cheat anyone. I also think it is important that if you do get a ring via Etsy you should check those ratings people have already written and as well have a little personal contact with the artist just to make sure you're comfortable with the transaction.

Another tip when soon to becoming engaged and looking at rings is if you are as picky...don't be afraid or think it is untraditional to pick your own ring. If you are really wanting to be surprised, but still have say...you can pick a top three for your boyfriend and then let him choose from those. I love Jachen, but I have NO idea what he would have chosen for me all by himself and also I honestly didn't want to put the burden on him of choosing ME, picky me, a ring. And Jachen is not one of those guys who felt like he had to chose it himself. My ring isn't any less special because I chose it...also Jachen was involved in the process and my deciding so he was included. To some, a ring is just a symbol of marriage and they think they will just wear whatever...but I think it is important to love the ring too. You don't even have to spend a lot to have something pretty and unique these days. But of course, what is important is that you love your ring and that it is you whether it's simple, flashy, white
gold or yellow gold. 


Veronica said...

Ooh, I love all these. I didn't even think about Etsy when I was picking out my ring. I love your ring too, aquamarine is my birthstone.

kaitlin said...

good options up there. good thing i like the one you got best, it's a keeper.