15 September 2011

|| My Wedding Rings ||

Look what finally came back from the jewelry store after being there for six days for just a cleaning. I can now stop having nightmares of never getting it back. Since living over here in Switzerland I have tried a few times to find a jewelry store that would/could clean my ring. Nothing. In London I went into a fancy jewelry store and asked it to be cleaned and she brought it back and totally didn't clean it right. Bummer. Finally last Friday we found a store who would clean it. Only, I didn't realize it would take so long. I thought it would be like back home in the States where it would take 5 seconds to be cleaned and it would be free. Not here. But it's back and 10francs later it is on my finger back to its super sparkly self. The back of the ring is open so dirt likes to climb up onto my Aquamarine stone. I haven't been able to get a toothbrush up in there or I would do it myself. Luckily, my little heart wedding band filled the space while the stone was gone. 
You can see how I got the ring, here.
Ps. Some/most of you may not know that this was the ring I was going to get first, but then I went for a thicker yellow gold band with a horizontal oval stone.


Nataly said...

Such beautiful rings, goodness.

kaitlin said...

jiminy about time you put up a good picture of these things, honestly probably a day before this went up i spent like 10 minutes looking through your wedding blog and all of them really trying to find a good picture for katie to see. love them, so pretty.