04 October 2011

|| Halloween Movie Marathon ||

I am not HUGE into Halloween. I like the holiday a lot, but I don't love dressing up and I don't love Halloween parties...mainly because I don't love dressing up. As an adult I have dressed up 3 times for Halloween...once as the Ipod all in black dancer holding the white Ipod, a hippie and a lumberjack. I have plans to go all out for this holiday when I have kids...decorating the house, dressing up, getting them excited starting Oct 1st etc etc. But until then I like to keep it on the downlow. I usually like to watch some sort of Halloween-ish movie and this year I intend to watch severrral. Jachen has Halloween off of work because the next day is All Saints Day and we plan on watching our fair share of Halloween-ish movies on Halloween. Also leading up to Halloween we will watch these. So far, this is the list of movies I have come up with. What am I missing? What are your favorites? I don't want anything horror or for real scary, but I like a lighthearted kind of Halloween-ish movie. Anything with witches, ghosts etc. Halloween isn't really a holiday here, so we won't expect much besides what we do ourselves. I tried convincing Jachen to buy those white plastic fake teeth, but he didn't want them. We did buy some Halloween candy we are saving for the day. I can't wait til the marathon begins!


Savanna said...

Teen Witch, and the Bewitching of Ben Wagner is good too!

Olivia Carter said...

We like the Disney "Icabod Crane" about the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Ghostbusters? We rented that for tonight.

Clue? Sorta kinda.

Mr. Boogdy if you can get yours hands on it is also a classic. Love that one.

And I second Practical Magic. Love that movie. It always makes me want to grow my hair long.

Rachel said...

hocus pocus!

Natalie said...

There is a really good Audrey Hepburn one where she is blind, I forget the name...that one is right up there with Rear Window.
I cant wait till my kids are a little older and I can show them these films.