04 October 2011

|| Birthday Wishes ||

My birthday is in November...the 26th to be exact. I decided this year I would make a wish list for my big 27th birthday. How did I become this age...rather almost this age? I can still remember being a teenager wondering what it was going to be like to be in my 20's...since I had older siblings I watched them being this age. And now here I am...weeks from 27. In my memory I have some great birthdays and some not so great birthdays. For sure my favorite birthday memory is when I was surprised with a hotel over nighter with friends, favorite movies, black light and Papa Johns Pizza. The surprise was either right before my birthday or right after, but I remember being asleep in my bed and everyone came in my room, told me to pack a bag and then blindfolded me all the way to the hotel. It was a great way to turn 16. I have no idea what this birthday will be like...Jachen is not much of a planner or birthday surpriser or present giver and there isn't much to do here in Switzy. So we will see. If you would like to send any of the above...especially a postcard{I would love a postcard from you wherEVER you are} you can message my husband on his blog asking for our address!{or you can ask me for my address} Of course if I had my real wish, it would be for you to come over to my house on Nov 26th and high five me or throw confetti with me. 
|Ten:Postcard from wherever you are|


Katie said...

Oh my gosh, that ipod skin is glorious. Bravo, Monica. You sure know how to find the coolest, most beautiful things! Yay for birthdays!

joslin said...

yayy for your birthday!!