14 October 2011

|| Freaks & Geeks ||

Yesterday I finished watching Freaks & Geeks. I had been wanting to watch this 18 Episode show for some time now and I finally did it. At first, I didn't love it...or like it. The "freaks" characters really bothered me and I just couldn't handle the attitudes in the first few episodes. After watching 4 episodes, I wanted to show Jachen some clips{the ones below} of the show to show him what I had been watching. The clips were so funny, I realized how truly funny and great the show was. So I gave up my giving up and watched the rest of the episodes{18 Episodes in total} and began to LOVE the show. The geeks are my favorite part, particularly Sam and Bill. If the show was just about the geeks I would love it even more. Bill, the boy with the big glasses eating that brownie, grilled cheese sandwich and drinking milk out of that Star Wars glass is so sneakily funny. If you watch it, just pay attention to all the things Bill says. I am sure by watching the clips I posted, below, you can see how funny Bill is. About the 6th episode the "freaks" became less annoying and more likeable to me. Also, the show has so many well known actors in it even besides the main characters...there is Ben Stiller, Shia LaBeouf, Jason Schwartzman, David Krumholtz and so onnn.

The show is staged in 1980, so it has that raw/rough 80's teenage feel. It is edgy. A bunch of lost teenagers finding their way through...really almost painful to watch moments in high school. Have you seen it? Who is your favorite? Two other characters I liked were the gym teacher and Millie.

I wish I was friends with boys like Sam and Bill.

If you ever need a show to watch, give this one a try. Too bad there is only one season of it. I watched it on sidereel.com using the Megavideo and Videobb links. Enjoy!


Jenn said...

Hahaha! I love this show. I need to go watch it again. SOO funny.

Natalie said...

I LOVE the dancing clips. so so so funny! I really need to watch the rest of the episodes. Thanks for sharing.