14 October 2011

|| Get in MY Belly ||


I love a good chocolate chip cookie. Technically, I would rather eat the dough, but sure love the cookie too. My sister Natalie and friend Beth Harrison both make my favorite chocolate chip cookies, no contest. However, LOOK at that chunky chocolately goodness right there. I can only imagine how scrumptious that tastes. I have never seen a more delicious looking choc. chip cookie. Have you? I have been disappointed that I can't find chocolate chips here, but this cookie has inspired me to put in full on chunks of chocolate in my dough. And lucky for me I live in Switzerland where chocolate bars are a plenty! A plenty and the BEEest chocolate. 

I used the word chocolate 9 times. OHH ya.
Find that cookie and it's recipe, here.


Kyla said...

The dough is always the best part! I eat far too much dough when I bake chocolate chip cookies ^^

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

yes it is the best part! If there wasn't raw egg in there I would leave only a handful of dough left to bake with.