15 September 2011

|| Rockin' Blondies ||

WOW, sure love that Oh Land girl. Her music is so great, I am telling you...if you don't have her self titled album yet, get it! How many times do I have to tell you! I love her new video for her song White Nights. Don't you love her bedroom? And I love how she oozes glitter.
Oh Slow Club, you are great. I want her lipstick and purple highlights.
At first when the video started I thought, "oh wow her voice", but after 2 seconds I LOVED IT. This song is upbeat and fabulous. The video ends sad which I was sad about, but then in my head I made up that the man was already on his death bed so he was given a little fun before dying.

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Natalie said...

The last video is too creepy for me....he seamed tortured the whole time they were dancing around him....weird. But always LOVE oh land....she is great!