15 September 2011

|| Flynn vs Pitt ||

Twins right? I am so happy this mystery is solved. A couple years ago when first watching the Coin Laundry music video by Lisa Mitchell, I saw the guy on the left. He looked SOOO familiar to me. I searched out who was in this video with her...a singer named Johnny Flynn. I didn't know who that was and there was no way I saw him in a movie because he has never been in a movie. Drove me nuts! So flash forward to current day, well a few months ago, when I was reintroduced to Johnny Flynn's amazing music and again, the mystery was unanswered and again drove me nutso! FINALLY, today while looking at a photographers website...I saw actor Michael Pitt and KNEW that was the guy I was confusing him with. Michael Pitt is in The Village and that is where I saw him. So funny. They look so similar, I think it's mostly the jawline. Thanks for letting me share.
You may recognize Johnny Flynn from this post, here.
Check out this great song, Mr Flynn sings with Laura Marling, here.
You can find another set of lookalikes, here.

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