15 September 2011

|| Leah Duncan ||

Well folks, she has done it again. Throughout the years I have blogged about the one and only Leah Duncan and how I love her work and how she is my favorite...and on her blog she just announced/posted her new calendars for 2012! Huzzah! One problem is....how do I pick?? I have 2011 individual 12 month calendars and so maybe this year I will go for the big wall calendar version? BUT I sure do love having 12 different prints and I love how they look all up next to each other. I love the design and art for 2012 too, ya I think I am going to have to get the individual month cards. Don't you agree?
You can find the Geometric Wall Calendar, here.
The Floral Wall Calendar, here.
And the 12 Month Calendar, here.


Natalie said...

Ya, how could you choose? Just get the mini ones....cause you can do all sorts fun stuff with the prints later. They look great!

kaitlin said...

oh wow these are pretty. i just really need somewhere to write on the dates. but i guess if it's just for decoration!