16 September 2011

|| Fall Outfits ||

I am not TOO into Pinterest, but this is my first attempt of using the thing. Luckily, it is good for finding beautiful Fall outfits. That first outfit is probably one of my all time favorite outfits, ever. I think its perfect...the blazer, the chunky scarf, the plaid, the black jeans, the oxford shoes and the bag. So great. It is still hot and sunny here during the day and I can't wait for the day it is chilly. However, I am sure that chilly will quickly turn into freezing...that part I don't look forward to. I remember last October here in Switzerland was gorgeous, I came for 2 weeks, and I can't wait for this October. Hopefully it does wonders. Byetheway, I am obsessed with Fall so this won't be the last Fall inspired post. 
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mr. and mrs. wheeler said...

Monca I want to have your style when I grow up

julie digs design said...

love love love! great outfit ideas for fall!

Natalie said...

dont you have that brown and black striped sweater, or something similar?

kaitlin said...

just get an account already. you know that everyone would be dying to follow you.

and yes, you are seriously obsessed with fall huh. you do like those scarves and boots.