07 September 2011

|| I want a FREAKER! ||

I want a Freaker, any Freaker above will do. Actually, the bottom left two are my favorite of the favorites. If you watch the videos you will get the low down on these Freakers. These little things have a great story and great product/company branding. Bravo to them. You can even buy a glass bottle from them and have it personalized with a message, see here. 


BrieBailey said...

These are pretty awesome!

joslin said...

i mean these are really cool! who knew!

Molly Jacques said...

WOWWOWWOWMONICA! Thanks sooo much for the blog lovin! We LOVE your camera illustration and pretty much everything about your beautiful blog! Don't forget to order your Freakers for you and your friends (they make awesome gifts!!) Keep your hands dry and prevent drink mix-ups all while looking totally fly. Our endless eternal love, THANK YOU!!


Molly the Intern + The Freakerteam


kaitlin said...

wow how fun are those!! i love the videos. and i especially would love the fact that they would get rid of the wetness on a bottle because i love me some ice water but i don't love the sweat.


Natalie said...

um want one of those real bad....hmmm Christmas gifts all around!! Super fun, cant wait to see someone in real life with one! I think my Nalgene would love a little makeover.