08 September 2011

|| Pen in hand ||

I finally finished my sketchbook, my second one. {here is my first one} When we went to Germany last week I picked up a new one. It is pretty boring looking, but I like my sketchbooks to be spiral bound so that is what I got. It is easier to draw when you don't have book pages flapping at you. I am excited to fill the new book and see what my hand comes up with. Here you can see some of my favorite drawings from my old book. Someday my art will not just be for me. I love to draw with a black ink pen. I don't know if I started the pen&ink technique because of my drawing class{which would be ironic because in our drawing class we were supposed to use just pen and I thought we could use pencil first and then pen over. I didn't understand he meant no pencil first. And now after the class, I only use pen} or if I just did it once and loved the black lines and white negative space. I love me some color, but I also love me some just black lines. It is funny, because one day this style just came out of my hand. I never practiced it. It just came. I never planned anything all I know is I have always loved line quality. Just my hand and my black pen {and a few of those drawings I used Prismacolor pencils, the best.}

You can see here and here where I have already begun to turn some of these drawings into paintings.


kaitlin said...

oh how fun, same brand of my sketch pad from germany. probably aren't that many brands, but STILL.


Natalie said...

LOVE the new stuff. How, funny, i commented earlier about wanting to see more of your art....and then I scroll down and find this post. Thanks for sharing.