18 August 2011

|| The soon to be ||

I sure miss everyone today. I need a portkey so I can go visit each of you. Or how about you portkey on over here? Even though I love you near and far...I love you best when you are with me.

Do you like this picture I made? I am so into this color scheme these days. I am in the works, working on my very own Etsy and I will be adding this print into the collection. I have been going back and forth about whether I should start posting my soon to be etsy collection now, or wait till later...I don't know what that later is really which is the reason for the debate. I guess the later would be the official opening of my etsy. Starting an Etsy has been a desire/dream since I first discovered Etsy ages ago...but have always been too nervous{still am} to start or kept telling myself the timing wasn't right. Well, the time is right{actually the time would be righter if I was in the USA} and it's just a matter of days. I am so tempted right now to post another print that is part of the collection...shall I? Shall I??? I am going to{hence the photo is below}. Such a nerve-racking thing to share something you love not knowing if it's just you that loves it. This same print is currently my desktop background in fact....well look below and there you have it.

Actually, I have shown you a few other's, here and here.

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Natalie said...

Love it! I love everything you do, because it is you and it is your point of view. I really want that triangle print (they look kinda like mountains). Cant wait to see you on Etsy. Dont be afraid, you have to be the brave one. You will do great! Are you going to sell prints of your art? How are you making the prints? Email me about that.