20 July 2011


Today is a rather ugly, windy and rainy day. The rain is that ugly mist that looks like no harm, but secretly destroys. Luckily, I remained indoors. I spent the day drinking tea, eating homemade bread with jam, watching Parks and Rec and makin' some art. All I need now is a nap. I need a nap, but I am forcing myself to stay awake. If I give in now it will be dinner before I wake. I have heard talk of my Great Northwest home having bad summer weather, well Switzerland has recently joined you. Lately, the weather has been mostly cloudy or windy or rainy or stormy or all of those things at once. Boo. It should be a crime to skip summer weather and head straight for Fall weather. Let's hope it changes soon. I'm off to eat some more bread and jam and to wait two more hours till the hb comes home.


kaitlin said...

apparently i need to watch parks and rec!!!!

that was a good one.


kaitlin said...

erdbeer and himbeer...have you learned those ones yet??

Natalie said...

um....LOVE the bottom right art you made. I want it! Make me an 8x10, k?