11 July 2011


It is Summer, have you noticed?? I sure have, the heat is insane...as well as the summer storms frequent. It is well into Summer now, but I have been meaninggg to post this since day one. I have a Summer music mixx for you!! The reason I haven't posted it yet is because I had been fine tuning it. Finally, it is ready. If I could have a movie about myself during Summer, this would be the soundtrack to that movie. I can just picture each song and how it could fit into that movie. I hope this mix, or various songs on the mix, fill your summer days, long drives, while at the campfire, bike rides, trips to the beach, as you sit by the pool and while lazily sitting in the shade with a picnic. We all have a beautiful connection to Summer, I hope this can make it more beautiful...and fun.
Download this awesome Summer mixx HERE why dontcha. and don't forget to turn the volume up loud, roll down your windows and feel summer through your fingers as you listen.
This mix has been deleted off mediafire by mediafire because it has expired...if you would still like this mix I would sooo put it up again for you. Just write a comment saying you would like it!

1 comment:

kaitlin said...

thanks! what a treat!
ps loved that last girl who's music you gave us.