18 August 2011

|| Dreams ||

Throughout this blog I have posted about various dreams. I have mentioned how intense, packed of emotion, and real they feel. Sometimes I wonder if my dreams are what keep me feeling unrested in the morning. The last few years my dreams became more and more vivid, I used to hardly even remember a dream whereas now I can recall almost every detail even the cauliflower earrings I put on in my dream last night. It feels more like I am falling asleep to a movie, where I am awake but watching something that is happening to me. I often wonder what that means, does that mean I am in deep sleep dreaming like this? or does it mean I am hardly asleep that is why I see it so clearly and remember it sooo vividly when I awake. Or is my dreaming really just early on in sleeping and it feels like I just saw it right before waking. Sometimes I can control my dreaming. If I wake up mid dream, I can get myself to carryon with the same dream. There are common themes in my dreams. Fears and school. Some sort of small fear will enter or play a part an annoying part, I think that is normal though. Right? I almost ALWAYS dream about school, either high school or college and sometimes they are intertwined in one dream. I am either dreaming about being late for a class, not being able to find a class and the most popular is not having an assignment done for that class. I feel all those emotions when I wake up, but the best part is when I wake up and know I AM NOT IN SCHOOOOL ANYMORE. I don't know why I still dream about school, even when I was in school I wasn't that freaked out about being late or missing an assignment. Yet, somehow that is a major theme in my dreams. I am sure there is some sort of book on all of this, which I would love to read. I just really wish I could skip dreaming like this every night, I feel like I would get a better nights sleep and wouldn't wake up so affected by what I just felt and saw. {however, a few weeks ago I dreamt this pretty awesome story that I think would make a great book or movie...I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget} Is there anyone else who dreams the same?


Natalie said...

Where are your readers? No one leaves comments anymore.....everyone is too busy on boring facebook, lame! You cant get beautiful graphics and stories on facebook, get back to blogs people! Anyway, I totally have dreams that I can control. When I have a scary dream I wake myself up and then go back to sleep with a happier ending otherwise it will affect me all day. You should read a dreams book. I dont know any to recommend. Keep blogging....love it!

Melina said...

So I had the weirdest dream last night, and every time I woke up and fell back to sleep it kept going. It was about aliens and beautiful puppies with the most amazing and tranquil eye color I had ever seen. REALLY NUTS! I saw the cauliflower post, and instantly thought you would like to try the cauliflower fried rice I posted on my blog the other day! Anyways, how cute would that be Veggie earrings! xoxo- Melina