18 August 2011

|| London//Part 10 | Victoria and Albert Museum ||

I still have more London posts to go. Prior to leaving for London, I found out that Julia Pott was going to be at the Victoria and Albert Museum, with a few other artists, at the museums Friday night Summer Camp. Jachen and I were both looking forward to this night, to meet Julia Pott! The Summer Camp included workshops around the museum one of which were artists there to draw on V&A canvas bags. Technically, those in charge wanted us to draw on our own bag too, but I can draw on something anytime, I was there to talk to the artists and have them draw for me. Jachen drew on his bag while we waited for Julia and I sat with and talked to the brothers of Eight Years while one of the brothers drew on my bag. The evening was pretty fun, but took a while to finally have a turn with Julia. It was good to chat with her while she drew for us and it is always great to meet someone who's work you admire. I let Jachen go first because he was way more excited than me to have her draw something. She drew him as a stag and for me she drew her lovely elephant. It was a great part of our London trip.

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Natalie said...

That's really cool, what a unique thing to do while traveling. Good job guys.