16 July 2011

|| Julia Pott ||

Below are the pieces of her art that I have.
My collection is growing.

I loveveveve the artwork of Julia Pott. She is one of my top favorites. As you can see I have a nice collection started of some of her pieces. First of all I LOVE her color schemes, I think her use of color is perfection. I love her line quality and rough drawings. I love the characters and how they have a story and life to them. I love how her drawings/animals are funky and are so personalized. I love that she draws from life experiences and people in her life. I love her use of shapes and lines in pieces. I am in LOVE with her new flamingo beach girl. I wish that one was for sell, maybe it will be? I think I connect to her work the way I do because her style is exactly what I would love to be like if I could draw like her. She is the exact kind of artist I hope to be like in the future, of course I create different kind of art, but I would love to be at her caliber. She just graduated with an MA in Animation. She is legit. You can find her work at her...

You can check out this extract she created for part of a Decemberists preformance of their album Hazards of Love.

And if you are really interested you can hear, HERE, what she has to say about the making of this extract. I for one love behind the scenes/making of things. I find it so fascinating.


Ashlyn, Matchless Vision said...

i love indie prints like this. They are all so interesting.

kaitlin said...

these are RIGHT up your alley. and i lovee the color schemes as well.