23 August 2011

|| Anniversary//and a Mixx! ||

We have now been married for the little big 4 months. Such a small number to feel so big. We were married April 23rd in Seattle and what a great day that was. This also makes 4 months of us living over here in chocolate, cheese and mountain land...Switzerland. We have not become experts in anything, we are still trying to figure out life and how to live as a married couple. We have loved our 4 months however hard at times it has felt...living so far and in a foreign place has become quite the heartache for me. We grow closer each day and better at the whole marriage thing each day. I look forward to future days with my Jachen and the surprises and challenges that await us. You can still find our wedding pictures and story over, here and follow life in Switzy, here.

In celebration of our little big anniversary I have prepared for whomever would like, a "not so ordinary love" mix. Meaning these aren't necessary lovely dovey songs...of course not, who do you think I am?, but will get you thinking about your lover or lack of lover or just good tunes to listen too. I have this mix on repeat at my home. The likes of Lykke Li, Ezza Rose, Razorlight, As Tall As Lions, Saybia, Foster the People, Leagues and much more. To have it yourself on repeat, click HERE.


kaitlin said...


and how are all of these mixes not illegal?

Monica said...

Totally not illegal... but i just emailed you with why it's not.