24 August 2011

|| Leah Rose ||

My sweet little Leah, my niece, will be starting Kindergarten this year. How did she become such a kid? I have had a special place in my heart for miss Leah since she was born. I have such big love and admiration for this girl and sometimes it gives me a glimpse of how much I will love my own children someday. I can't help but spoil her and when she is sad or hurt it breaks my heart. She brings me such happiness. She is smart, funny, outgoing but can be shy, imaginative, has a cute voice, loves dancing, caring, surprising, loves her Aunt Monica, gives great kisses and hugs, a beautiful artist, sweet, giving of compliments, helpful, a great big sister, fun to be with and can make the silliest silly faces. I get so nervous for her to start Kindergarten...my sweet little niece about to start the life of school, being around mean kids, teachers and other hard stuff. I am excited for her too because I know how smart she is and how well she will be able to continue to grow in knowledge and imagination. I have taken a gazillion pictures of her and her and I over the years and here are a few of them. She has always been such the cutie. Leah, I know your mom will show you this and read this to you. I love you and know you will be a great Kindergartener. Have fun!

So many great videos of this girl too, especially this one of miss Leah a few years ago when she was interviewed by her aunt Stephanie about her trip to Disney World.

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