12 July 2011

What a guy!

To set the rumors straight, there really are no rumors....yes, this girl right here, me, has an Ipod Touch. I didn't think this day would ever come. Today is the eve of Tuesday and the lovely device has been mine since Saturday. Jachen, my fantastic husband, received a NICE gift card from his dad for his birthday. Originally, Jachen wanted to buy me a printer, but the place where the gift card is from didn't have the printer I need. So, he insisted on getting me an Itouch. How could I object, actually I did. It was his birthday gift card and I tried talking him out of it. He would have no such thing. {Don't worry, he was able to buy something for himself as well} So far it has been good to me. I have taken my fair share of pictures with the Instagram App so you will be seeing an excessive amount of photos taken from my Itouch....which you already have begun to see. I am one happy girl.


joslin said...

HE IS ADORABLE. also this picture is great. yayyy so exciting!

Taylor said...

Haha! I love how you admit that you will be taking an excessive amount of photos.

kaitlin said...

instagram's dumb, i don't even care.

but wow what a guy you've got. that is so sweet of him, good thing i can fake text you meaning email you and it will alert you. but i mean can't i ACTUALLY text you? just give me your number and i'll try to text you from my computer. that's more real.