15 July 2011

I will keep them around

One of my favorite pictures taken at my wedding was this, bottom picture taken of me with my dear friends Kerianne and Krystal. They are my two longest lasting friends, Kerianne since age 2 and Krystal who I have known since young, but became closer friends with towards the end of my high school experience. I trust these two with any bit of information and will be friends with them til the very end. And the best part is that they are friends with each other as well. They are the kind of friends that would do anything they can to help, I like those kind of friends. The picture in teal was taken I believe in 2006 at the wedding of our other dear friend Joyce. That became our favorite picture of us. Somehow years ago, when I used to think it was cool to color pictures of people teal, I did it to this one. Often, over the years we have tried to recreate the same picture of us. I guess out of tradition sake. Finally, at my wedding this past April we have found our replacement. It is pretty interesting to look at both and see the contrast to where we are all at now. We were all unmarried in the first picture and living somewhat different lives. Now, in 2011 Krystal is married and has two adorable kids. Kerianne is married and expecting her first due in November. I am freshly married and living on the other side of the world. Although I don't see either of them as nearly often as I would like, when I do get to see them there is little in life that makes me happier. I think in a few years we will recreate this picture and again be able to see the life experiences and changes that happened in between each picture taking.


Diana Smith said...

its a very cute picture of you and your friends! I love having those friends who have been there for so long they are almost like family!

Krystal said...

Aww, This is my favorite post of yours! :)

Joyce said...

I just came across this post and my wedding was in 2005 actually :) you guys look gorgeous!