14 July 2011

My pals.

So I hear my friends Harry, Hermione and Ron are going to be in a movie that premieres this weekend. At least that is what Ron texted me and told me. We, the Jachen and I, will not be seeing it for a few weeks. Unless I want to see it/hear it in German. No thanks. Instead, we will see it on our trip to London. How perfect is that? I am pretttty sure there is no better place to be watching the final movie. Fun fact for you, I have YET to read the last book. I know, outrage! I have no idea, well a faint idea, of the ending. Barely even faint. Usually when people talk about it I plug my ears and hum a tune. I started reading it, but then had to stop, then never picked it up again, then didn't care and thought I would just wait till the movie came out, then started to read the book again, then stopped...now I will know what happens in 2 weeks. I am slightly afraid I will accidentally read something that gives away the ending. Actually, I have been afraid of that since the book came out. However, I WILL read it someday. I will, it is only right. The copy we have in the house is in German so I will have to hunt down an English copy...maybe in England...OHH perfect. Ps. don't they feel like they are your friends?


Katie said...

Harry Potter is my bff. I LOVE the picture, thanks for that. Totally made my day. BTW you should check out pinterest.

Jennifer said...

they def feel like my friends. love those three. i love the books, the series is probably my most favorite book series I've ever read. i dont understand how people can not like harry potter.
the last book is so worth reading. my favorite character has always been snape since day one and my friends and family would tease me about it and how hes such a jerk. i loved the last book as well as half blood prince because it really goes a lot more into detail about him as a character.
i say definitely try and read the last book before the movie. books are almost always better (in my opinion)

stephanie said...

That IS perfect to see it in London!

The word verification for me to post this comment is "monsms" - like Monica-isms. Funny. Yes? Yes.

kaitlin said...


hurry. it was so so good. have you seen any of the other movies? i hadn't seen any, well maybe like one random one. but duh i read the books (DUH DUH DUH.)

i can't believe you never read the last one. i'm so excited so sos ososososo excited for you to see it. and yeah, in ENGLAND! how perfect. email me when you do!!! bah i'm excited for you. it's great.


kaitlin said...

and yes, that picture!
i'm kind of sad that they're over.