22 April 2011

testing, testing.

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 photo photo-1_zps6d12c39c.jpg
 photo photo-2_zps3881d88c.jpg

i sure had to have the sensor in my camera cleaned before moving off to europe. it just had to be done. i noticed for a while now my photos had spots on them and my sensor was loaded with sand...either Moab or Egypt did that. can't have those sand spots causing havoc on my europe photos.

THE kaitlin and joslin arrived into town for my wedding so they kindly obliged to be my spot tester after we picked up my camera from Camera Clinic....we are spotless. aren't those two cute?

that is my story.

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Julie said...

how fun!!! Your camera took great picutures!! Aww...these girls are so cute!! Are they the only farmers up here?